Fast Start Marketing

Call Center

The single most important and challenging step in B2B marketing is getting the appointment set that puts the Agent in front of a well-qualified prospect.

Visible Link’s B2B telesales contract professionals will take away the pain of cold calling and appointment setting for business, freeing the Visible Link Agent to provide the consultation necessary for a successful outcome.  The appointment setting specialists will fill your calendar with valuable clients.

A sale is about trust. We buy from people we like. Professionals set appointments with warmth in their voices, friendly personalities and excellent phone skills.  By extension you the Agent can capitalize on that appointment setting expertise when you meet the prospect face to face.

As every business to business sales person knows, a well-qualified prospect can turn quickly into a paying customer if you can just get in front of them. Not only will Visible Link contract call center manage your B2B list for appointment setting, it can even schedule your appointments using an online calendar.

With this highly professional and targeted approach, you can be sure that when you arrive at a  scheduled appointment, that person is highly qualified, receptive to your story, open to conversation, and more likely to close.