Having no technical or IT background I was very concerned about my ability to successfully present internet marketing options to sophisticated business owners and managers. The Visible Link product training webinars gave me the confidence and support to consult with and present marketing plans to clients, and with the incredible support of a supplier I actually turned my very first presentation into a sale!

Atlanta, Georgia

“Recently I participated in the sales training module on overcoming objections using the PEPP-C (Probe, Empathize, Present, Prove, Close) model. I found the training extremely beneficial, easy to use, and very convenient as the training is done online”

San Diego, California

“I found the sales track to be informative and communicated in a succinct and easy-to-understand fashion. It provided a clear sales system from beginning to end, which allowed me to stay on track as I progressed forward from prospecting to the eventual ‘close’ and ultimately the sale.”

Detroit, Michigan

“As an experienced sales executive many years removed from the classroom, I began product and  sales training with mixed feelings. I was very impressed to say the least! The video presentations are spot on topic, easy to follow, and offer a very specific and detailed pathway from intro to close. Thank you VisibleLink!”

Atlanta, Georgia