Q. What is the Visible Link program?
A. A thorough combination of TRAINING, SUPPLIER PARTNERS, PRE-SET APPOINTMENTS, and ONGOING SUPPORT, teaching qualified individuals to be profitable IT support consultants to businesses and professionals.

Q. What is my role as an Agency Owner?
A. To help professionals and businesses with any and all internet needs through a professional presentation and quotation process. You will gather information about their needs and initiate a process of meeting those needs as they work directly with the supplier/providers that best fit these needs.

Q. What type of internet services will I represent for sale?
A. You will have available services of every kind including but not limited to web site building and hosting, SEO, reputation management, apps creation, social media, google placements, loyalty programs, and video presentations. Because you represent a complete suite of internet offerings that include national companies, you are the trusted one-stop center for internet needs.

Q. How do I earn money as an Agent?
A. Each service that you quote to your client will have been assigned a wholesale cost by the supplier. You simply mark up the service an appropriate amount when you present the service to the client.  The industry standard markup is 100%, but because you own your Agency you are free to determine your own price points.

Q. How and when am I paid my fees?
A. Under a typical sales agreement your client will pay 50% down payment and 50% upon completion of the work that is ordered. Your up front fee will typically cover or exceed your cost in the transaction, with the final payment accounting for some or all of your profit.

Q. Is there residual income?
A. Yes. In over 90% of instances once the client receives a satisfactory service from the Visible Link Agency, there will be additional and ongoing services purchased. As your client expands its service purchases, your residual income grows. Also many of your products such as SEO, loyalty programs, and reputation management frequently entail a six to twelve month performance contract, again providing you with the long term residual income and security few businesses offer.

Q. Why do businesses come to the Agent rather than finding a provider on their own?
A. The problem faced by most business owners and individuals is sorting through the mass of internet offerings available for every service. Who to trust? How do I choose? Most have a need that can be identified by the Agent PRIOR to the first meeting and filled by a trusted one stop provider. You are not selling the service, but merely asking for an opportunity to quote a price and supplier for the service.

Q. What is the advantage of dealing with Visible Link Agent?
A. Like the travel agent or the real estate agent, the Visible Link Agent is able to save the buyer time. One stop shopping for a quote on every internet need the business could have.

Q. Do I need exceptional sales skills?
A. No. The function of the Visible Link Agent is to consult, identify the need or needs, match the client with the appropriate services, and provide a price quotation for the services.

Q. Why represent internet services?
A. The internet is the present and future of business. There is no greater or more promising growth industry available today.

Q. How important are Visible Link’s training and supplier contacts?
A. Very important. Visible Link provides everything needed to enter the lucrative internet consulting field at once, eliminating the long learning curve and barriers to entry in representing high demand services.

Q. What kind of ongoing support can I expect?
A. Unlimited consulting from an experienced staff, whose extensive training will minimize costly startup mistakes. As a Visible Link Agent, you have continued access to updated systems and methodology from not one but as many as forty internet professional firms.

Q. Can I operate an Agency on a part-time basis?
A. Yes, without question. It would be necessary, however, to have minimal daytime availability to work with potential business clients.

Q. With no experience in IT or sales, what are my chances for success?
A. Visible Link, LLC, will provide you the tools, training, suppliers, and ongoing support to be successful in this business. You should bring to the equation motivation, education, business experience, organizational skills, and the ability to communicate well.

Q. Do I pay ongoing royalties to Visible Link, LLC?
A. You will pay NO fixed royalties or future required payments, ever. Our Agency network is an independently owned group of licensees and are not franchisees. We earn a small profit margin on each project, which insures our continued success and your support, and also means your success is our success.

Q. Do I need an office?
A. Many Agents operate right from their home with a phone, fax, and computer. Most if not all of your consultations with clients will occur in their place of business or home.