The market potential for the Visible Link, LLC. Agent is both infinite and well defined. Your business prospects literally advertise themselves as needing your services either through a poorly defined internet presence, reputation issues, lack of social marketing skills, technology deficient presentations, no video support, apps, or loyalty programs, or in many cases a combination of all of the above.

Business license lists are public information for cities and counties, as are Chamber of Commerce memberships, Better Business Bureau members, and Yellow Pages. Once you have targeted a business community, you will utilize the Visible Link Fast Start Marketing Program option.

There is literally no business that is not a prospect for the Visible Link Agent. Retail outlets, service providers, professionals of any kind, all have a need for one or more of the suite of services offered. A Doctor, a hairdresser, a retailer, a service professional, literally every business is a potential client.

You are prepared for your presentation through your Visible Link training to focus on the issues that are most pressing and obvious for the business at hand. The hard work of research has been done for you as you review the online identity and reputation of the business and tailor your presentation to the exact needs of the client.

Reputation Management is a leading opportunity for successful presentation in today’s mobile marketplace. One bad review put up by a competitor or disgruntled former employee can kill a business in a hurry. The ability to help a client manage its online reputation can be a very quick entrée into becoming a full service IT supplier with the attendant residual income.

Visible Link is the ONLY service business today that can truly state that its market potential for growth is unlimited.