Multiple Profit Centers For The Visible Link Agency

Web Development, Design, and Hosting

The web site is the literal window to the world of any business.  There is always room for improvement and updating of web sites, and hosting can also provide residual income opportunities.  Frequently the web site is the entrée to working with a business.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is without a doubt the most fiercely competitive internet service, and at the same time the least trusted and most difficult for a business to choose.  Who to trust?  How much to budget?  The opportunity to work with a trusted local Agent is very important to the business owner.


Reputation Management 

The fact that a business or individual can have a lifetime reputation damaged or destroyed by a single malevolent web savvy enemy has made this the fastest growing segment of our business.  Monitoring, protecting, and improving search engine reputation is a need for literally everyone dealing with the general public.


Application Design

The day when an app was only available to big business is long gone.  Inexpensive and effective, an app can help any small business with its marketing program.  Giving the large company look to a small or medium size company can be very attractive.


Social Network Marketing

A company that is not effectively marketing itself on the social networks is almost not relevant in the current marketplace.  Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are essential to keeping a brand operative at a high level.  Most small business owners have no mastery of the social media.


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs allow a business to keep close that client that they worked so hard to attain. Coupons, constant contact programs, data base information, or all of the above, it is always cheaper to keep a client that you have already served and pleased than to go find a new one.


Google Local Placement

Keywords in the business name and title yield favorable Google Local Results, as well as their use of keywords in the business description. This produces a clear opportunity to optimize through the development of a key word focused profile. The end result is the business map and location featured on Google page one.


Video Presentation

Video presentations can add luster and marketing impact to any internet function from web site to a YouTube channel.  Inexpensive and extremely effective, a single high impact video can earn its weight in gold in market exposure.